DoomCover-SCREENI’m excited to announce that my latest project is now available from Heretical Sexts. Forever Doomed is a collection of my essays and art that explore the theme of DOOM in movies, music, and literature. Most of the content has never been published before. Within these pages lurks:

-The heavy metal mid-life crisis in “Black Roses”[new essay]

-Adventures at Maryland Deathfest

-Erotic Rites of the Nazgûl [new comics]

-Dennis Wheatley: Unlikely Icon [new essay]

-Style lessons from “Curse of the Crimson Altar” [new essay]

-“Let Sleeping Corpses Lie”

Zines are available to purchase in the Heretical Sexts store.


In more Beer-Witch-relevant news, I’m putting the final touches on a short story as well as a large-scale story that I’m pretty stoked to share with you guys. Expect new friends, new foes, and further occult shenanigans!