All Documented, All True

Prompted by vintage pulp comics, the members of struggling doom metal band Beer Witch investigate a decades-old mystery.What is the truth behind the legend of Wolfman Frogman?

Whippits and Wizards

It can be a challenge to teach the uninitiated the joys of tabletop gaming. Written by Jack of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque.

Dive Bar of the Damned

When vampire lifestylers start hanging out at the Borderland, Jess, Andy and Red get mixed up in more than just scene drama. Jess starts falling for a mysterious dancer, Andy discovers steampunk, and a villain from Paul's past targets him for an apocalyptic plan.

The Beast of Foamhenge

A trip to the roadside attraction called Foamhenge leads to an encounter with mysterious cryptids.

The Devil Riffs Out

Red falls hard for a mysterious girl, while Andy finds an unusual source of income for Beer Witch's upcoming tour. Meanwhile, nefarious occultists plot to undermine the very fabric of society as we know it.

A Webcomic about Heavy Music, Monsters, and All Manner of Weirdness